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Butter Chicken Curry
Boneless chicken marinated Tandoori style then simmered in a roasted tomato & butter sauce. ..
Coq au Vin
Another French classic; boneless chicken & vegetables simmered in a white wine cream sauce. ..
Indian Chicken Curry
A medley of roasted vegetables & boneless chicken done in a Madras style. Ingredients: ..
Lasagne Beef Bolognese
Layered extra lean ground beef, roasted vegetables, spinach, fresh cheeses & a b├ęchamel sauce..
Mango Coconut Chicken Curry
Loaded with tangy mango pieces, boneless chicken & vegetables simmered in a lemon-coconut sau..
Roasted Vegetable Lasagne
A fresh basil Alfredo topping on layered roasted vegetables, spinach pasta & fresh cheeses. ..
Shakahari Curry (Indian Vegetable) (Organic)
Madras style vegetable curry with organic chickpeas, roasted vegetables, spinach and star fruit. ..
Thai Green Vegetable Curry (Organic)
Roasted vegetables, marinated organic tofu & shitake mushrooms simmered with lemon grass &..
Thai Red Vegetable Curry (Organic)
Fresh organic roasted vegetables simmered in a fragrant spicy coconut milk. Ingredients: ..