Our Story

Rhonda Turner is the owner & Gourmet Chef of The Mountain Range Prepared Gourmet Foods and Catering. Producing a variety of products including gourmet entrees, soups, appetizers and baked goods.  One of Rhonda’s secrets to success is the help she obtains from her Fijian husband Henry and her son Benjamin!

Her interest in cooking ethnic & interesting meals, did not begin in a conventional kitchen on a regular range. It began on the lakes and rivers – guiding canoe and raft trips.

Finding inspiration in the back country anywhere, Rhonda used her self taught cooking knowledge to gain additional skills; skiing, horse pack trips and finally cooking in back country lodges. Assinaboine, Purcell Lodge, & Ptarmigan Tours to name a few – challenging herself with new menus to wow her guests.

Taking over the new business in 2008. The business has grown quickly and preparing to venture into new areas.

Frozen entrees can be now be found Cranbrook, Kimberley, Fernie, Nelson and Invermere. For a full list click here!. Calgarians have started loading up coolers in the Columbia Valley wondering when The Mountain Range products will make the move to the big city.

Extensive menu; from East Indian to Fijian-Thai. Both for meat lovers and Vegetarians. With the exception of the lasagnas all meals are wheat free.

With the help of family and friends they have built a commercial kitchen trailer, in their back yard, at the base of the Rockies near Premier Lake.

Frozen foods with a shelf life means they can take a few months to pursue there outdoor activities and run their kayaking / fly-fishing operation in the South Pacific – a definite influence in their cooking!