Organic Cookies & Granola

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Rhonda's Cookies (Organic)
Fresh nuts, cranberries, coconut, Swiss chocolate & the kitchen sink. Ingredients: Or..
Rhonda's Grizzlie Granolie (Organic)
Grrrrrrr! A no gluten mix of non-contaminated oats, buckwheat, chia seeds & wild rice puffs, ..
Rhonda's Wholie Granolie (Organic)
A variety of flaked whole grains, nuts, seeds & coconut, toasted in a honey, vanilla coating...
Rhonda's Frozen Cookie Dough (Organic)
Eat your cookies fresh out of your oven! Complete with parchment paper and full baking instructio..
Rhonda's Cookie Kit (Mix) (Organic)
Make your own! Just need butter & egg. Your cookie kit mix will come complete with full bakin..