Rhonda's Grizzlie Granolie (Organic)

Rhonda's Grizzlie Granolie (Organic)
Brand: The Mountain Range
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Grrrrrrr! A no gluten mix of non-contaminated oats, buckwheat, chia seeds & wild rice puffs, dried berries & apples.


Toasted rolled oats(Gluten Free & Non Contaminated), rice flakes*, quinoa flakes*, almonds, hazelnuts, coconut (no sulphur), wild rice puffs*, pumpkin seeds*, buckwheat*, wild blueberries, cherries & apples*, millet*, chia seeds*, flax seeds*, honey, molasses*, sunflower oil, pure vanilla, pure almond extract, spices.

Certified Organic: items marked with * are Certified Organic.

Servings: 475g or 5kg


Sold As: product is pre-cooked.

Serve: cold or hot with yogurt, fresh fruit & milk.

Allergen Free: No Wheat. Oats are Gluten Free & Non Contaminated.

Allergen Alert: Cooked in a facility that uses tree nuts, coconut, eggs, dairy, wheat and other flours containing gluten, sesame, and seafood.

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